Business accelerator programs

We love to help enterprise teams learn and grow through our programs.
Our team’s hands-on experience at leading accelerator and incubator programs informs our frameworks and our software and tools for startup programs.

Current programs

The Lebanon Growth Accelerators Program, in partnership with RDPP

Safir, in partnership with Institut Francais, CFI, AUF, Lab’ess and ANND

Past programs

  • Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation, in partnership with Asfari Foundation
  • Lebanon Response Hackathon, in partnership with FNF, The Submarine, and The Farm
  • Lebanon Health Hack, in partnership with FNF, The Submarine, and The Farm
  • Inclusive Economies Lab, with the Swiss SDC
  • Elevate Impact Accelerator, in partnership with UNICEF
  • Startup Scouts, in partnership with Alfa Telecoms
  • Bootcamp, in partnership with BDL and AM Bank
  • SoUK.LB Social Enterprise Accelerator, in partnership with Alfanar, DAI and the UK FCO

… and many more.

Some of these programs were conducted via our affiliated initiatives AltCity and Pitchworthy.


If you would like to run a programme with Bloom, please contact us.