Our Values

Our Values and Work Ethic: 

  • Courage to work on solutions for difficult challenges, to do things never done before, and to do things that other people think are impossible or crazy.
  • Continual learning and openness to new ideas.
  • Pursuit of excellence in all that we do, for our team, partners, and community.
  • Pursuit of balance and well-being, including self-care, wellbeing, and personal growth of our team.
  • Kindness, joy, respect, fun, and the occasional “weirdness”. (May include dancing, poetry, water-colors, and other kinds of expression.)
  • Embracing both the abilities of people and the abilities of technology, NI (natural intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence), to help people around the world, especially in the most difficult situations, in the most difficult places. 
  • Leveraging global best practices and research on personal growth, organizational development, and economic development, and then pushing beyond those limits to do our own research, develop our own methods, and build new tools, to then share them with the world.
  • Ecosystem and community focused, appreciating that personal growth of individuals along with organizational and community growth all happen best within a positive and collaborative ecosystem of carers, peers, coaches, supporters, and enablers.
  • Global, embracing remote work and distributed teams so we can collaborate with the best people worldwide, wherever they are, while supporting programs, communities and people worldwide, wherever they are.