Community Engagement Officer

Community Engagement Officer

We think that community engagement and communications is a critically important part of our work, and though it’s not everything, it’s close. (If you landed directly on this page, please also visit Join the Team, and About Us.)

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Loves the creative side of community engagement and communications (writing posts and press releases, creating compelling multi-media content, dreaming up creative campaigns that inspire people and invite engagement)
  • Loves the event organiser side helping create and facilitate great and impactful events, mostly dynamic, fun, engaging online events, 
  • Loves the disciplined data-driven side of communications and engagement, working with UX (user experience) and M&E (monitoring & evaluation) people to assess, understand, and improve our approaches to community engagement.


For the Creative Side:

  • A love of writing, especially compelling creative writing for short posts, long posts, and story-telling (a love of poetry is a plus!); 
  • Overseeing the production of multimedia content, and working with video producers and designers to realise great creative productions; 
  • Basic comfort using design tools, to adjust and implement design templates created by our design team; 
  • Fluency in creating content in English and Arabic, and French a big plus. 

For the Event Organizer Side:

  • Experience designing and implementing meticulous detailed-oriented events, including both offline and online events; 
  • Comfort using and facilitating events with online event platforms;
  • Enthusiasm about working with a broad ecosystem of partners, and designing collaborative events that delight our partners as much as the attendees;
  • Experience in tech, startup, and social innovation events a plus.

For the Disciplined Data-Driven Side:

  • Posting content on social media platforms, and comfort with running multiple tests of content to learn and optimise content and approaches continually; 
  • Demonstrated experience with segmenting users and content testing;
  • Experience using monitoring and analytics tools for creating detailed communications impact reports.

Job Details

  • Part-time ok to start (minimum 3-4 days/week availability), with preference towards full-time availability in the near future 
  • Remote work / partial remote work is ok, though at least some part-time presence in Lebanon is required
  • Initial contract is as a “consultant/contractor”, with potential for shifting to a full-time position in the future 
  • Benefits (health care, pension, vacation accrual, etc) are available once people shift to full-time positions
  • All positions can be paid into accounts in Lebanon (fresh money accounts) or abroad.

If you have any questions about this position, please email them to: hr [at]

If you’re excited by what’s above, we’re excited to read what you write below.

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