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HerMeNow Accelerator – Welcome Partners

The HerMeNow Accelerator is an 8-month program (April-November 2022) that will bring training support to up to 30 women-led social enterprises in MENA & Africa in the Sprint Phase, and extended technical, financial, and mentorship support to 10 women-led social enterprises in the Accelerator Phase

Partners are invited to join in several capacities:

Community Partners:

Outreach and community engagement to help us collectively build momentum around supporting more women-led social entrepreneurs.

Knowledge Partners:

Mentors, experts, trainers to directly support the teams in the program.

Ecosystem Partners:

Project support for teams (financial, in-kind, technical tools, content, events, perks / discounts, etc).

Growth Partners:

Letโ€™s collaborate to expand this program to reach more social impact enterprises, run more cycles, and expand the support for social enterprises in each cycle.

If youโ€™re unsure how youโ€™d like to join or support this effort, please reach out to Dara with questions (dara [at] bloom.pm).

The program will go live for public promotion and participant applications in early May 2022.

Partnership Overview Presentation

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please fill the form below and we’ll get back to you!