Character Strengths

🌻 Character Strengths

Thank you for your interest in learning more about your Character Strengths.

By understanding our values and Character Strengths we can align our daily actions at work to use the things that come most naturally to us. Are you fundamentally a curious person? How can you bring that to your personal and professional life?

There are 24 different Character Strengths that fit into 6 “virtue” categories, and most people have one main “Signature Strength”.

Research shows that understanding and applying your strengths can help:
– Increase Wellbeing
– Reduce Chances of Burnout at Work
– Strengthen Relationships
– Manage Problems
– Reduce Stress
– Accomplish Goals
– Build Meaning and Purpose

A Signature Strength is a way of being that feels uniquely you and when you use this strength you are energized. You can take the assessment below to learn more about your strengths and to figure out what your Signature Strength might be!

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