Bloom makes top quality entrepreneurship education and support accessible everywhere so that entrepreneurs everywhere can collectively address global challenges and build a more equal world.

Our why

We grew up in some of the hardest, and easiest, places to thrive. Through our own personal heritages, spanning Lebanon, Iraq, Silicon Valley and many others, we know that potential and capability don’t depend on geography. But opportunity and support do. 

We wanted to bring top quality entrepreneurship support to the places where it’s most needed. So, over eight years, we crunched over the best research, and our decades-long experience in entrepreneurship incubation. We combined the best of education, technology, the pursuit of meaning, the Sustainable Development Goals, and insights for inner knowledge.

The magic result? Frameworks, communities and digital tools, to reach entrepreneurs everywhere.

What we do

Our work is based on rigorous methods developed through detailed research and documentation, but we also take a very human approach, supporting individuals, as well as businesses, to thrive. 

We apply and constantly improve our methods, through three impactful activity streams:




“You managed to create this great support group. It’s an environment where we’re always helping each other out and making new connections.”

ACSI program participant


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