We care about

your growth.

At Bloom, we connect entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, partners, trainers and fellows to better educate and accelerate small to medium-sized businesses aimed at solving challenges across a variety of industries and sectors.

We do this through running programs (online and hybrid) for enterprises and accelerators to make high-quality entrepreneurship support available to everyone, everywhere, and through building online training tools for teams and program managers.

Sign up and join the Lebanon Growth Accelerator, Bloom’s program to support 10 high-potential enterprises, with $10,000 fresh funds for every selected team. The program is almost entirely remote and online, and so accessible to companies across Lebanon. Interested in growing your business? Register now🌻 


Our expert team hosts and supports business accelerator programs using data-driven frameworks of project-based learning.


We connect with and support global communities related to entrepreneurship and skills development.

Whether you’re running existing programs and need additional support, or even if you’re looking to create a new program in partnership with the LGA program, this is for you!

Our Partners

We welcome you to join our network of partners in support of technology, innovation, education, and entrepreneurship.